Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Disregard That

I haven't posted here in quite some time, and I don't anticipate coming back again with any regularity. I was going through a nostalgia trip and remembered this blog. When I went through and looked at a good many of the posts I've made here I was stricken by how much I've changed and grown.

Most people want to improve and that's good. The thing about that, though, is when you look back at yourself, you might often wish you had never been that way. I was very upfront from the beginning about being inappropriate, but it was meant to be in an almost charming disregard for the most meaningless of our social restrictions sort of way. Not in any dehumanizing disregard for the respect or well-being of oppressed peoples kind of way. It's strange to think that myself and the social landscape has changed so much in the last 8, even 3 years, but here we are.

I made a lot of comments and assertions in this blog that I would never make today, not because I'd be afraid of repercussions, but because I no longer think that way. I'm not going to take any of them down because I believe that it's important to acknowledge the past and learn from it rather than sweep it under the rug. I have learned, and hope to learn much more. I don't really expect anyone to ever stumble across this page, so this is message is mostly for me.

Continue to grow.

Be better.