I have made a brief video that my help orient you with the way things are around here.  I hope you enjoy!

Your favorite cheese.
Flying scorpions, and why you should fear them.
How many hookers can fit in the back of a dump truck.

Thank you for your time,

Adam Jones

Blogging activities in which I have engaged:

I won that one.

Ultimate Blog Party 2011
I love mommy blogs.  Seriously.
And I won some shoes from Post Partum Illness.
(Sent them to my sister)

Inappropriate Alphabet.  Delicious.

I'm gonna be so pretty.

Awards which I have won:
I'm going to be honest here.  I don't really understand blog awards.  As far as I can tell, some people make up categories and associated icons, then distribute them around to blogs they like.  Which, frankly, I'm all for... as it gives more people more methods with which to adore me.  Also, thank you very much.

Deirdra Eden-Coppel from A Storybook World came by one day and gave me my very first blogging award.  It was so exciting.

The darling Sidney at My Mother-In-Law is Still Sitting Between Us... sent me the Stylish Blogger Award.  In order to qualify for it, I must share seven things about myself.  I will answer seven questions from someone in the room.
1. I know how to make tiramisu pancakes.
2. I'm an atheist.
3. My earliest memory is dressing as a haunted house for Halloween.  No wonder I have body issues.
4. I would most like to travel to Great Britain.
5. The song that makes me the most emotional is One Legged Girl, by Pain.
6. The song that cheers me up the most is Ievan Polka, by Vocaloid.
7. I think my awesomeness is my best feature.

I got this one from my friend Jenny at The Modest Peacock, which I appreciate very much.  Part of officially qualifying for this one is listing seven more things about myself... ostensibly at random.  I will try.  I have gone to Wikipedia and pressed Random article until I was reminded of seven things.
1. If I was a black performer, I would call myself Special Dark.
2. Adelaide is one of my favorite names.
3. Of the four classical elements, I identify most with earth.
4. If I could have any one superpower, it would be teleportation.
5. When I die, I want to have my skull silvered and passed down to my children.
6. My favorite number is 127.
7. I have a strange feeling that when I die I'm going fade away while hearing the song 

Deirdra just stopped by again and simply insisted that I accept this award.  Who am I to refuse?

P.S. - Wendy likes what I write.

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