Bucket List

So I once realized that I need a more defined list of my life goals.  I have now decided to share this with you.

  • Wrestle a large animal - I don't know, like maybe a large angry dog, or a small playful moose.  I don't even want to necessarily win, but I want to have tried.
  • Skydive - Ultimate freedom and ball-shaking terror.  I need it.
  • Publish a novel - I want to be a writer and this is ingrained in me as a measure of success.
  • Live one day like someone in a musical - So I'm going to gather my friends, rehearse song and dance numbers, and perform them around town all day like they were naturally happening.  Kinda like the musical Buffy episode.
  • Develop and perform a stand-up routine - I've always been told that I'm funny.  I want to monetize this.
  • Voice act - I can't remember where this interest came from, but it's pretty strong.  I don't necessarily need a career, I just want a credit under my belt.
  • Meet Jenny Lawson - This woman has helped me tremendously and I would like to thank her in person one day.  Also, I want to get a picture of me staring at her boobs.
  • Slam an expensive pie into the face of a classy lady - Have you ever been standing adjacent to a classy lady and looked down at your hand with a sense of longing, wishing you had a pie in it?  It has to be an expensive pie; because she's classy.
  • Have someone say to me in earnest "Well, I never!" - This could be a direct result of the previous entry, but not necessarily.  I may have to plan something extra.

More to come, depending on my survival.