Saturday, December 10, 2011

Come Sweet Slumber, Enshroud Me in Thy Purple Cloak

Things That I'll Be Talking About Soon:

Misadventures in Engrish Comp: How to Distrust Foreigners
Apple Bucking Season: How I Became an Apple Thief
The Rapture: Why it's Good to be Black and Rich and a Bad Person
Happy Anniversary: One Full Year of Meet Adam Jones
SWTOR is Here: I'll Miss You All
Christmas with the Family Again: Couldn't be as Awkward as Last Year... Right?
Chino Bandito vs. Hankook Taqueria: Everybody Wins
Where the Socks Go: Who are these People?
Sudden Epiphany: I Must Croon

For now, though, some thing else:

I am so.  Fucking.  Tired.

I went to go look for a picture to illustrate how tired I was, and I ended up with this frog:

what is this I don't even

That doesn't even relate to the topic at hand, yet I am too tired to do anything about it.  That's what you get.  I have been doing full-time work, almost full-time school, and trying to have friends for months, and I am now fully insane from lack of sleep.  How insane?


That is a couch that is also a pig.  I believe that this fully illustrates my state of mind.  However, my last final was today and I'm going to be able to take a little bit of time to catch up on my sleep.  Which is what I should be doing now.  It's just that I promised a stranger at a party that I'd post tonight and I hate being a liar.
So for now, sweet dreams!

Oh, and what have you all been up to?


Anonymous said...

I believe we'll be coblogging on the rapture and you're ability to be accosted by random hobos.

Just. Sayin'.

'Reta said...

Yay for a new post!!!

Anonymous said...

RE: Your post title.

Doesn't even rhyme.

Try counting those bars on the window instead.

Adam Jones said...

Pecanita - It's a plan.

'Reta - Yay, indeed.

Anonymous - Thank you for that.

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