Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Adam Jones vs the Staycation: Part 0

It's a book!I'm going on vacation!

Not a Sunning by the Beach or Gambling in Vegas kind of vacation, I'm still getting my finances together. Instead, it's more of a My Job is Starting to Make me Cry and I Have Some FDO Saved Up kind of vacation!

I'm looking forward to getting back to my roots with such activities as:

Excessively viewing pornography!

Then I plan to appeal to my higher nature by indulging in such things as:


I have been working diligently on making my life a better place to be and all of next week is going to be a workshop in better living. Part of this project is that I've decided to write a new post for every day next week, including the bracketing weekends!

So, I'll be spending my vacation with all of my favorite people: You!

Whew, I have used, just... SO many exclamation points today. I'm going to need a minute to recover from all this excitement. I'll see you Saturday.

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