Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Bucket List

I think about death.  A lot.

Not in any way where you need to alert the authorities or anything, but it does shape much of what I do and why.  Death is one of the most profound and universal of human experiences, and we spend most of our lives pretending that it isn't there.  If I were to constantly acknowledge death, could I ever spend a moment wallowing in self doubt or eating a cold can of soup?

Yes, I love soup, but no to the wallowing part.

It all goes by in an instant and I want to get as much of it as possible.  For that, I need a plan; One must be ready to go when opportunity knocks.

So I've decided to officially organize a list of life goals, how I'm going to accomplish them, and I'm going to share it all with you.

There is a new page on  It is my Bucket List page.  Whenever I meditate perfectly and get new answers to the question "What do I want to do with my life?" I will be putting them here.

What do you have on your Bucket List?


Jenny said...

Re: Living a day in a musical- I bet the people over at Improv Everywhere could help you out with that... :)

Anonymous said...

I love the list, and the spirit of it's creation. Motivated less by death than by depression, I created a list of my own earlier this year. It's not as ambitious as yours, but that makes it a little more doable in my 1 year time frame. (Not that I'm expecting to die in a year. It was a bucket list/resolution kinda thing.)

Anonymous said...

Bucket List -- now you have given me something to think about. I will be watching yours for some ideas.
Sandy - # 1805 on A-to-Z list

Adam Jones said...

Jenny - That is an excellent idea.

Marrie - What is this list of yours?

Ms. Mouse - I'm just about to put a couple more up.

Hilary and Ted said...

well hmm, a bucket list. yours looks great so far. I do not have one (yet).

(HilaryandTed - A to Z challenge)

Adam Jones said...

Hilary - Thanks! When the time comes for you to make your own, let us know.

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