Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Even Monsters Have Birthdays

You may remember this lady from such things as rampaging through Tokyo, and teaching me Japanese.  Well, you should be quite pleased to learn that she has just completed another year of life.  Good job.

In celebration of this fact, we went out to a karaoke bar over the weekend.  I found out that she was going to be heading for Japan this year, fo realz.  So naturally I needed to sing her Godzilla, by Blue Oyster Cult.  I took the musical interludes to explain to the audience that due to her unusually large size, and the slight stature of the Japanese, they may run in terror from her upon her arrival.  They will bring out their military, their tanks, and their helicopters.  However, she will bat them all away, due to her tremendous upper body strength.

I may have done an exaggerated Japanese accent once or twice.

The point is, there hadn't been any Asian people at the place all night.  As soon as I start getting into the song, there was a nice Japanese family waiting to be seated.  In what I could only imagine was stunned, horrified silence.

At first I though that they may have been shocked by my cultural insensitivity, or "racism."  I later realized that they were probably just concerned for their family still in Japan.  They have probably sent word to their government about the Great White Kaiju coming to their lands.

Happy Birthday, Senpai.

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