Friday, February 11, 2011

I Don't Know Why We Don't Already Have Funding for This

An actual conversation between a friend and I:

Her: You know what show I would watch? Skeptical Ghost Hunters.

Me: I know that you said Ghost, but what I heard was Skeptical Goat Hunters.  Like, a group of guys that go from town to town saying “So you think you’ve got goats, huh?  We’ll see.”  And they set up cameras and wait for a goat to pass by.

Her: Oh, goat!  I thought you said dope.  Skeptical Dope Hunters.  They go around like “You think that’s cocaine?  Sorry to tell you, but that’s baking soda.”

Me: …Dope!  You said dope... Not “Skeptical Goat Punters.”

Her: How would that even work?

Me: Well, some guy says “Hey, I can punt this goat 10 feet.”  Then the host says “No way.  No one can punt a goat ten feet, I doubt that goat could be punted more than 5½ feet, tops.  Show me.”

Her: Wow, I don’t even think I could punt a goat 5½ feet.

Me: And that’s why we’d be perfect for this show.

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