Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Editing (out my filth)

I consider my blog to be a form of art. Not highfalutin art, mind you, but in the category. I'd say I am to Mark Twain what a street mime is to Derek Jacobi. Still, as an "artist" I must contend with the age old struggle between expression and entertainment.

Expression: I got things that need saying. However, if I don't pay close attention, I run the risk of turning this into a dry diary filled with shit like "Today I went to the DMV and had to stand in a long line. I forgot my book so it was really boring. The people in line were bored and angry, but the teller was actually pretty nice when I finally got to her. After that I went to go eat a burger." Oh my god, are you still reading? Thank you for not leaving just then.

Entertainment: I want you guys to have a good time and keep coming back. I want you to feel compelled to leave comments and share with your friends. I am an artist and I feel a deep need for you to LOVE ME! So sometimes I find myself on virulent expletive-filled rants about things I don't actually care about, just because I think it might be funny.

Somewhere in the middle you get what I'm going for, but it's a constant dance.

Like this post. I've said all I need to say, but I feel that it lacks pizazz... so I'll leave you with this cover of Comic Action Pizazz:

Let me know what kind of similar struggles you face, and don't forget to come back tomorrow, when out topic will be "F is for Falksen."


Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

I totally sympathise you with you. Truth is, I may write because of me, but I write FOR other people so I try to aim for entertaining them. And lets be honest, aren't we all really just a bunch of attention whores?

Goblinkatie said...

I would love to get the attention that comes from being a successful blogger, but my life is *incredibly* uneventful. Every entry would be about... Hell, I can't even think of something that isn't ridiculously dull to make my point.

Adam Jones said...

Kellie - Yes, that's a great way of putting it. I write because of me, but for others. Thanks. And yes, oh god, yes - we all love the attention. It's refreshing when we're aware of it!

Miss Goblin - An interesting life isn't about what happens to you, it's about how you look at what happens to you. I'd love to read your blog, sadly, is taken.

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