Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Buried in Ham: Not as Fun as it Sounds

Okay, this has been shameful.

Starting a blog and not posting for a week is like getting a puppy and not feeding it.  But it's still better than getting a puppy and feeding it to an alligator*, so shut up.

The truth is that I've been buried in the ham business.  This is the busiest time of the ham year and I've been feeling the effects.  Working eleven hours a day and being so busy that you just forget to take your lunch breaks makes it hard to focus on blogging.  It has been in my head though, and so I steal these few moments to reach out to my small but loving community.

Even though work has been tough, and I was sick for a week straight, I have had a few moments to live life.  In between ham related emergencies I have my friends.  Last Friday I had a beautiful night out with my steampunk friends.  We went to go see the beautiful and talented Erin Bushko at one of her gigs.  You see, in addition to being a hideous zombie, she is sometimes a snow angel.

Yeah, that's her.  In the sky.

At some point people mentioned funnel cake, and I casually mentioned that I had never had funnel cake.  When confronted with this information people are usually confused and somewhat frightened.  They don't understand how someone could live in a world without funnel cake, and then they go retreat to a safe place.  Instead, my stalwart got me some damn funnel cake.

And some for everyone else too, I guess.

Then we casually strolled through a toy shop.  Then shit got weird.

This is shit being weird.

I'm a pretty liberal guy.  In fact, I would go so far as being just short of radically liberal... but this tests my boundaries.  Inter-species penguin-tiger marriage concerns me.  This challenges every notion I had about how man/woman - avian/feline - arctic/tropic - prey/predator relationships were supposed to work.  It looks like I still have a lot of growing up to do.

*Not that I'm accusing anyone of having done so, but I'm sure that in the history of everything, it's happened.  And to that person: Shame on you.  You need to seek help.**

**I'm implying psychiatric help; Not someone to help him feed puppies to alligators.***

***Though if he did find someone to help him feed puppies to alligators, that would likely be amongst the truest of loves.


Marriecyers said...

I've never had funnel cake either. And people do tend to have strong reactions when learning that bit of information.

Adam Jones said...

Having seen the other side of that fence now, I think I can understand. It's quite tasty. I think it would have been better if I were a kid. I think that's where everyone's excitement comes from, memories of childhood funnel cake.

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