Monday, November 15, 2010

Face on a Shirt

So my good friend Erin is a very talented and very lovely actress.  So it is easy for me to understand that someone would want to cast her as a walking mass of rotting flesh.  People seem to be liking The Walking Dead, so we're all very happy for her.

She has her face on a shirt.
That's her in the middle.

And, of course, we're all very happy for her.  I'll be buying one soon.  But here's the rub...

I'm jealous as hell.

So I promise you this:  The moment I get a merch section up, I'm getting a T-Shirt with my face on it.  Then we can all have a t-shirt with my face on it.  Or Erin's.  Hell, we can all get our own face shirts and wear each others faces on our chests.

...Not in a weird Ed Gein kind of way, though.  I think that would be counter-productive.


beau said...

Dude... she is on a shirt.. for legitsies.

p.s. i love that show

Adam Jones said...

Yeah... I know... right?

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