Monday, December 27, 2010

Yesterday I Felt Like a Blogger

Yesterday was bad-ass. I spent the entire thing with my long-lost sister. She is amazing. We finally found each other in the autumn of last year, and this was our first Christmas together. Our father was also there. It was the first time the three of us were in the same room together since 1982... But I think all that's for a different post. The point is, it was one awesome brother, and one awesome sister tearing up southern Michigan.

And I just couldn't stop thinking about blogging.

It's totally not my fault. It started with this:

Okay, I get that a few of you might not get the awesome of what's going on here, so I'll explain. You see, I'm not balls deep in the blogging community just yet. In fact, there's only two blogs that I read that aren't written by people I know IRL. That would be Jenny Lawson's, The Bloggess and Allie Brosh's Hyperbole and a Half. They are both beautiful, insane ladies who make me feel a little more beautiful and a little less insane.* Well, Allie's boyfriend's name is Duncan, and Jenny has a history of shouting out "Wolverines!" with little to no provocation. I was only sad that it was only a singular wolverine, and not plural. Anyway, I made my sister turn the car around and stand in the snow so she could take my picture with this blogging monument.

Later we were walking through Ann Arbor and came across this amazing little used bookstore called Kaleidoscope. They had a magical basement with all sorts of neat old books, comics, magazines, and collectables. There was even a box of old action figures, in which I found this:

I had done it. I had found another Wolverine. They were plural now. What had I found that day?


Here's the clincher. We took to driving again and passed this:

And ALL I could think of was a senior's sea cruise for sex freaks. I could not stop giggling. Once again I made my sister turn around so I could photograph it, and share it with my dedicated and loyal followers. Turns out it was a car wash or something. Go figure.

So there it is. Not only did I apparently have blogging on the brain all day, but this is the first time I officially inconvenienced anyone to indulge my blogging habit. There's no going back now.

P.S. - And to top it off, I wrote this post on my phone on the flight home.

*I swear I'm not gay.


Miss Kagashi said...

DUDE, you were in Ann Arbor? I live about fifteen minutes north in Brighton!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...


Adam Jones said...

Miss Kagashi - I didn't realize that. Well, I'm in the area occasionally to visit my sister, so I'll look you up next time. We'll grab some coffee and beat up a hobo or something, it'll be a hoot.

Jenny - Thank you. I've never been so happy to read the word "wolverines." Frankly, I doubt I ever will be again. You've won an entire word. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

First, I'm also obsessed with The Blogess and I'm annoyed you got to her first.


Second, you have sucked down that kool-aid like a crack starved baby ho.

Don't worry, there's no going back now.

Also it was AWESOME to see you the other day. We should make that happen more often!

Anonymous said...

BloGGess. Dammit.

Adam Jones said...

Pecanita -
1. U Jelly? (as a note to any readers from the future, this is a reference to a popular meme at the time)


3. I agree. It was awesome to see you, and we should do it more often. Gimme a call whenever. Or just message, or comment, or whatever. The digital age has given us a variety of ways to forget to keep in touch.

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