Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get it Together, Africa.

A friend of mine has some disparaging things to say about Africa.  All of the diseases, war, inhumanity, and deadly wild life can be a bit oppressive.  I try to calm her down.  I try to be on Africa's side.  After all these are difficult socio-political climates, and people can't just snap out of them.  Difficult situations require patience and dedication to persevere.  But I've finally had enough.

It all started with that one brave soul from South Korea.*  He was the the first person to make my blog international.  Since then I have gotten regular viewers in Japan, Russia, Germany, Australia, and eventually Brazil.  Some people in New Zealand seem to like me, and I even got a couple of hits from the Northern Mariana Islands.  I had to look that shit up.  Which is embarrassing, because apparently they're a U.S. commonwealth.  Oops.

Anyway, the point is, the only continents that haven't heard of me are Antarctica and Africa.  I can forgive Antarctica, because there are only like 1,000 people there, and they're just visiting.  But Africa?  Seriously.  You have no excuse.

Get it together.

P.S. - The South Korean never did come back.  I hope he's okay.

*Aren't you proud that I didn't make a Seoul joke?  I am.


Anonymous said...

I want to know where my readers come from. #teamwordpress.

Adam Jones said...

Get it together, WordPress.

Anonymous said...

Im one of the some people in New Zealand who seems to like you. .. and I also do like you, You make me laugh, alot. You make my friends laugh when I read your posts to them while we are drinking.
(Im better at reading out loud whilst drunk)
Please don't stop.


itsmoseley said...

i have, literally, zero things on my page, and yet someone in alaska has found me. now you have me hooked on checking the stats.

btw, how bored are they in alaska to search the internet, only to stare at nothing.

i know a couple who are here visiting from south africa... ill send them a link if i see them again

Anonymous said...

I want Kiwis on my page, dammit!

Anonymous said...

I'm only mildly upset that you used my solgan for my "Rehabilitate Africa And Get Them To Eat Tigers Instead Of Each Other" campaign for your own selfish reasons. Think about the children that will go hungry tonight because they have a belly full of malaria instead of delicious tiger.

Jeeze. Get it together, Adam Jones.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I don't know why my auto correct hanged slogan to solgan, but if you do a google image search, there's a few images of some Asian chicks.

itsmoseley said...

^did that.. seems that every one of them misspelled the word slogan, judging by the context. Is horrible spelling a new stereotype for Asians, cause if not... I vote it is.

Adam Jones said...

Melissa - You have warmed my heart. Thank you. Enjoy your drink, and enjoy your me.

Pecanita - Of course you do. It's awesome.

Moseley - You know what? Auto correct probably got them, too. Only they probably believed it because they trust auto correct more than themselves.

Asians - Have more faith in yourselves.

Anonymous - Well, if you'd get your own blog, I wouldn't have to tell the world about Africa's problems, you could. And about those hungry children: If they had just visited my website, I'd care a lot more. They brought this on themselves.

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