Monday, February 14, 2011

New Fetish: It's an Old Fetish Come Back Again

And so it's Valentine's Day.  I'm sorely tempted to go on about how much I hate being alive today (which is quite a lot) and generally being a curmudgeon.  But that's not why you came here.  You came here for a cheap laugh, and maybe not feel like the most inappropriate person they're going to run into today... for a change.

Okay, fine.

I'll talk about love.  Adam Jones style.

I think I first developed fetishes  fell in love  developed fetishes in the 1980s, which I find strange, because I was born in 1980.  Also strange, because most of them were cartoons.

I think my first love may have been Evil-Lyn.  I know on screen she was all

I have snakes on my boobies.
But in my head she was all

Bam!  Cosmic power!  What's up?
That's when I first developed my appreciation for strong, intelligent women.  She was cunning, capable, and willing to mouth off to anyone; even the guy with a skull for a face.

This was a trend, this would continue.  Especially in the Baroness.

I'm just glad I'm not the only one who's had this dream.

They weren't all evil, though.  I had mixed feelings about Cheetara.

Very mixed.

I wanted  to like Cheetara.  I really did.  She wasn't very assertive, though.  She didn't stand up for herself as much as she should have, and it was hard to get behind that.  And she wasn't evil at all, and that was okay, I guess.  Also, she was a bit cat.  That was the first time I ever had to deal with that "They're not entirely human" thing.  I got over it since then:

I love you Tali!

...but to be honest, most of my dreams in the 80s ended up like this:

Fuck.  Yes.

P.S. - Happy Birthday Sis!


GovnerBrit said...

OMG! I need to have a dance party with SheRa, Rainbow Brite, and Strawberry Shortcake. I need this to happen immediately, if not sooner.

Laura Dell'Orco said...

Thank you, little brother! You are Awesome! This is, by far, my favorite V-day post ever!

Adam Jones said...

Sabrina - Well next time they stop by my brain party, I'll let them know to stop by and say hello.

Sis - Thank you. You are also awesome. I love you very much.

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