Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remnant - A Prelude - Part 3

Another week has gone by and I've written another section of teaser for Penny Dreadful Productions.  Once again, it is paired with fantastic art!  The illustrations are by Amy Houser, and the typography is by Jim Ware.  Click on the art to read!  You'll be glad you did!*  Remember, you can read them all here.

*Probably.  I mean, I think it's likely, but I can't offer any sort of guarantee.  I mean, if you're already at this site, it probably means that you have some sort of affinity to my writing to begin with.  If that's not the case, I'm terribly sorry.  You must have somehow gotten tricked into coming** and I hope it wasn't too awful for you.  Have a great day!

**Probably by me.

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