Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Chocolate

A while ago I decided to take a creative writing class with my dear friend and new blogger Kendra. The class was being taught by a delightful young man named Joshua Corin. I believe he might be known amongst his people as a "mensch." The class was a ridiculous assortment of hilarious characters, remind me to tell you about them some time.

He would regularly advise us against indulging in stereotypical self-destructive writer behavior, such as taking drugs or alcohol in order to "improve" our writing. He informed us that most of the writers who were known for drinking began to do so after they got famous, and that their work declined after that. I asked him if there was anything he did indulge in to put him in the writing space. He looked down and got a little sheepish. It looked like he was trying to decide what sort of classroom-appropriate answer he could give and eventually decided on "Chocolate. I eat a lot of chocolate."

I've often wondered what he chose not to say just then. Does he go home and prepare two buckets of chocolate sauce, undress and quaff from one until he's drenched and then sit in front of a tape recorder, dictating his novel while pawing cocoa from the other bucket like Winnie the Pooh from a jar of honey?

I like to imagine that he does. Important note: I don't like to imagine him doing it, I need to make that clear. I just like to imagine that sometimes when he comes to class after having finished up a chapter for his new book, that there's still a little chocolate behind his ears.

Don't forget leave a comment with your feelings on chocolate, and don't forget to meet me here tomorrow for "D is for Deadpool."


Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

Well, you certainly paid a vivid picture. I'm not sure if I'm disgusted or turned on.

Adam Jones said...

Yeah, welcome to the life.

Jenny said...

You are adorable. I am so happy you've come back to blogging for another A-Z. ;)

Kelly said...

Vivid picture, indeed! I love it! And not just because chocolate is one of my biggest aphrodisiacs, either. ;-)

Hannah said...

Thats an image I didn't want for my morning. Still, you haven't totally put me off my morning chocolate bar dipped in hot chocolate (I have a problem with chocolate....I can't get enough of it!)

Unknown said...

ahah seems we both done some sort of food for the letter C :) I love love love and did I say love chocolate, I would say its my little medicen to help me cure the blues of all those hours studying!! :D can't wait to read tommorow's blog post :P

Adam Jones said...

Jenny - It feels good to be doing this again. Thanks for the support!

Kelly - Well, aren't you saucy. :p

Hannah - Ma'am, what you are describing is not a problem with chocolate, it is part of the human condition.

Emma - Yes, chocolate does have a way of making life's burdens a little lighter. Thanks for reading!

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