Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shared Memories

One of my favorite memories in life happened while there was no one around. This has always made me sad, so this post is about doing what I can to rectify that.

It was the holiday season. I was in a large cabin in the middle of the woods. The room was empty except for some tables and chairs... and a gingerbread house. On a table near the middle there was a gingerbread house. With a yard. And gingerbread men in that yard. It was beautiful. It had been there since the night before. If anyone was going to eat it, they would have done so by then.

I could not resist.

It was a dream come true, and no one was there to witness it. So I asked my friend Carrie to make me a similar setup. She did. So now I share with you a reenactment of what happened on that glorious night.

Also, imagine my surprise when I examined the remains and found a can of chicken noodle soup.

I suppose it is important to eat healthy after devouring a pastry man and his pastry home.  So, thank you.


'Reta said...

Love the video! However, I think I love that can of chicken noodle soup more. Its presence amuses me for reasons I cannot explain.

Jenny said...

...All you're missing is the theme from "Jaws" in the background. :)

Jenny said...

PS- I love that white scarf on you.

Marriecyers said...

I really wish I'd planned to leave the soup can in there, but that's just Christmas magic for you. I guess it wasn't "completely" edible.

Adam Jones said...

'Reta - I know. That can seems to have near-mystical properties.

Jenny - It's nice to be appreciated for my looks. ;p

Marriecyers - I approve of any magic that leads to soup. Except necromantic soup. I heartily disapprove of any necro-soup. Also, your handle is devilishly clever. If it weren't for the context clues, I could never decipher your identity.

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