Sunday, November 28, 2010

And So It's Christmas - Part 1

This morning I woke up well rested from an overall relaxing Thanksgiving weekend and drove to work listening to Christmas carols on one of Atlanta's pop stations.  I let the beginnings of Christmas Cheer wash over me.  However, before I let go of Thanksgiving completely, there are a few things on which I would like to touch:

1.     I am fully aware that Haters must hate, but likewise, I must protest.  We get it.  Slaughtering an indigenous people and conquering their land is wrong.  Lesson learned (this is not a commentary on modern strife).  No one is supporting this.  Okay, I shouldn't say no one.  There's an evil twin to Rule #34, it states "If it exists, someone hates it.  No exceptions."  So, I'm willing to acknowledge that someone out there hates Native Americans so bad that they feel that small pox was too good for them, but ya know what?  They are the vast minority.  The rest of us get it.   That's not what it's about anymore.  It never really was, but people get fixated.  The holiday has transcended its origins, get over it.

2.     Family and friends are important every day of the year, but people are dumb.  We have short memories.  We need to remind ourselves about the best things in our lives, or we will take them for granted.  Unless you happen to be a saint, then good for you.

Your health.  Even if you're sick, you're alive.  As long as you're alive you can do something important for someone.

Your family.  I'm beginning to learn that no matter what your differences may be, your family will always give you valuable insight into your self, and that is priceless.

Your friends.  They say that friends are the family you pick yourself.  I believe that with all of me.  Every one of my friends are the parts of me that I need more of.  Without them, I am less.

Me.  You're welcome.

3.     Now that we've exhausted ourselves being thankful for all the greatest things in our lives, I want you to take the last few moments of Thanksgiving and appreciate the small things.  The TV shows that make you smile.  The books that take you somewhere else when you need to be.  The music that sounds like you feel.  Late night coffee.  Spontaneous shopping trips.  Tight hugs and long Autumn days.* ** Whatever it is that adds that color to your life; That lustrous glue that fills the gaps and makes your life a little more solid.

So basically what I'm saying here is:

Shut up and enjoy yourself.  There's no one stopping you.

*Also, the crazy-hot Latina that lives next door... with the short shorts and the tall boots... yeah, that one.

** And sports.  People like those things.


Miss Kagashi said...

I concur with thought #1 and hell, son, I'm of native descent. Thanksgiving isn't about pilgrims and Squanto any more- it's about family, togetherness, and food- which is something my people would very much be in favor of.

Besides, it's Columbus Day that we REALLY HATE.

Anonymous said...

You forgot football. Damn, Adam, wth is wrong with you?

Jenny said...

Especially the music that sounds like you feel! That's my favorite. (After you, of course. And you're welcome back.) :)

Adam Jones said...

@Miss Kagashi: Family, togetherness, and food - those are things I think everyone's should be in favor of. And yeah, Columbus was a dick.

@Pecanita: You're right, I'm sorry, I'll fix it! ^^;

@Jenny: Aww. *Blush*

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