Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inappropriate Haiku #3

Wow, you guys are amazing.  Since I somehow managed to make The Bloggess' Comment of the Day on this post, I've gotten quite a bit of extra traffic on this site.  That has pushed us up to 1,500 total page views!  My blog is still a baby, and I'm new to this sort of thing, but I've gotten several constructive tips to help this along.  It makes me really happy, and I'm about to pass along some of that happiness to you!  So here it is.  You had this coming.

Inappropriate Haiku #3

Ashley Olsen nude
Eating cornbread off the floor
Would be dead sexy 

P.S. - I fully acknowledge that it may be kinda cheap to celebrate 1,500 and not just wait until 2,000, but shut up, that's why!


stephanie harsh said...

The comment and the haiku made me laugh.

I Am Stiver said...

This is my favorite inappropriate Haiku.

PS. When do we STOP hearing about your page count? Some of us are...jealous...

Tonia said...

You're a funny dude. Congrats on the comment of the day award! Haikus rock.

Adam Jones said...

Thank you all. I'm glad I could help.

Stiver - It's over when I say it's over.

Jenny said...

My blog is just short of 800 page views, but I don't think I a) have put quite as much effort into mine as I know I'm capable of, and b) have quite as broad and varied an audience as you. We're both clever and funny, but in our own ways. And I love that. :) Congrats on your achievements (all of them) and I always look forward to seeing on my blog list that you've published a new post. Keep it up; you are awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

My blog has some views
Not as many as yours does
You are so awesome

Surely worth celebrating
with some Olsen sex

Olsen twins are hot
Mary-Kate eating Ashley
(Not like cannibal)

Have sex with one twin
You never know who it is
Pictures cannot tell

Adam Jones said...

Anonymous - Thank you. Your precious gift of Haiku has been noted. Extra points for implied twincest.

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