Friday, March 4, 2011

Adam Jones Speaks - Ayo Technology

Okay, so hell of a reader appreciation week.  I missed Wednesday all together, and my pet project for today is delayed due to casting issues.

However, I feel that it's important to note that the reason I'm so late is because Comcast just refused to give me internet at my new place.  I have been internetless. Like a caveman.

A damned cave man.

They left me on hold for forty minutes.  I seriously had time to get dressed, eat, then run a couple of errands in the time I was on hold.  Then the call dropped.

The call.  Dropped.

So I'm not too happy with AT&T right now either.  So, to cut a long story not as long as it could have been:  I now have internet, and my new Comcast user name may or may not be some variation of

I have been able to record and upload Amber Lee's requested "song":


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You're welcome.  It was my pleasure.  No hard feelings.

I had several friends from out of town that needed to crash at my brand new apartment earlier in the week.  I'd like to apologize for not having nicer accommodations, but I had just moved in that very day and was deliriously tired.  However, to whomever drew the smiley person into my zen garden,

Thank you.

That made my day.

P.S. - To those I promised an answer to the panda question, that will hopefully come tomorrow.  I still have one more scene to shoot.  Can no project ever be finished on schedule?

P.P.S. - Happy birthday Melissa!

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