Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to School

So getting caught up in all of my blogs and other online endeavors has been difficult.  This has been made even more so by a recent addition to my work load.  Now not only am I working technical support for a Family-Oriented Specialty Ham Company, writing a blog, running a table-top RPG, forging a relationship, stalking an MMO, learning a language, and practicing life sketches of nude midgets, but now I am also going to school.

It's been a good solid decade since I've tried this, and previous attempts have ended miserably.  I believe part of this has been because I lacked a clear end goal, which made the point of my effort vague and ineffable.  This time around things are clear.  I'm getting a Journalism degree with a minor in Creative Writing.  With this degree, I will be able to legitimately chase many jobs that I would enjoy.  I'm pretty excited.

However, getting back into school and starting classes has been a hugely complicated and exhausting endeavor.

So raise a glass to frat parties, all-nighters, ogling school girls, and all the other awesome things I'm too tired to do anymore.

Anybody out there get a late start in higher education?  Trying to get back?  What for?

P.S. - I'm convinced that since I'm only taking online classes, my teacher looks like this:


Jenny said...

I'm proud of you!

I'm giving you a blog award as well! You can get it and read the nice things I said about you here

Darlene said...

Hi. Stopping over from the modest peacock. Good luck with your school endeavor. I'm a new follower.

Adam Jones said...

Jenny - Thank you so much! And thank you for the award!

Darlene - I'm glad that you stopped by. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Since you came here via my friend Jenny's blog, I feel obligated to inform you that it can get rather inappropriate around here. Let me refer you to my about page, just as a glimpse.

Still, thank you for the wish of good luck!

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