Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Have Found Their Homeland

Quick note:

So, I think I found out where Barbarians come from...

Across the street from my apartment.

Which prompted me to do a search, which lead me to...

Conan the Barber.

That is all.  You may now return to waiting for my next post.  Thank you.


Sidney said...

Worth the wait, Adam.

Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

You have a fabulous blog! I want to award you the Enchanting Entertainer Blog Award for all the hard work you do!

I invite you to follow me, if you haven’t already done so, since we have a lot in common, but no pressure. I’m not giving you the award just so you will follow me. You really do deserve it!
Take care:-)

Go to and pick up your award.

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