Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Bloggess

There is no shortage of people around here that drip with adoration for The Bloggess. My story is nothing special, and I think that's the best part.

I doubt that I would have ever started this blog if it weren't for her encouraging everyone around her to be proud of who they were, even if especially if who they were was a bunch of weirdos. In fact, it was my experience with this blog that inspired me to pursue my dream of going back to school and pursuing a journalism degree.

Now, I'm not afraid to take responsibility for my own success, but I feel compelled to express appreciation when it manages to seep into my lonesome, wicked heart.

Last year, I wrote a post called B is for Bucket List. I decided it was time that I put together a short list of some life goals. On that list was
  • Meet Jenny Lawson - This woman has helped me tremendously and I would like to thank her in person one day.  Also, I want to get a picture of me staring at her boobs.
Well, I haven't been posting much in the last year, but I'm pleased to announce that May 16, 2012, I was able to make this dream a reality. On that day, the Bloggess was in town doing a book signing and I went to go visit her. I thanked her. We were both a little awkward, then I stared at her boobs.

You can't see them because of the arm, but I could.

Mission. Fucking. Accomplished. Thank you again, Bloggess, for enabling me to reach my goals.

So I guess this post actually ties together all three of my B posts for the past A-Z challenges. My first year was B is for Boobs.

I like to get to know you wonderful people, so don't forget to leave a comment and come back tomorrow when our topic will be "C is for Chocolate." Don't worry, I'll make sure to make it a little inappropriate.


Rhondi St.Onge Peacock said...

How cool is it that you've stared at your Bloggess' Boobs? Two points for Adam!

Kat Sighs said...

I love that you crossed something off your to do list! Yay :o)

Kelly said...

I LOVE Jenny Lawson! I'm so jealous that you got to stare at her boobs.

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

LOL! She is a legend in the blogging world, that's for sure, and I'm sure she appreciated the ogling.

Adam Jones said...

Rhondi - Oh, I do so treasure my Internet Points. Thank you.

Kat - Thank you for the support!

Kelly - Honestly, I'm jealous of me, too.

Kellie - I'm not actually sure she noticed. Maybe one day I'll send her a link to this post. ^^

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