Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gotta Show Your Math.

So I pretty much have the best sister ever.  She left me a comment on one of my earlier posts questioning how I would calculate how many dead whores I could fit in the back of a dump truck.  This is my answer:

Standard volume for a mid-sized dump truck is 6 cubic yards.
And because we're going to need this later, let's go ahead and convert this into  4.58732 cubic meters.

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration released a document called the Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight (CTS&W) Study, in which they release that the average load for a dump truck is 34,760 lbs..

Let's assume that the fatties, the crack-whores, and the hotties all average out to be an average American woman's weight each.  Because on some level they're people right?  Well that would make them about 74.4 kg (164.0 lb).

Well, average human density is 1010 kg/cubic meter.

Which means that we can cram about 4,633.1932 kg, or 10,214.442 lbs. of human flesh into a mid-sized dump truck. That's well within its weight limit.  This makes sense, as it is designed to carry things a lot more dense than your average whore.

So we are restricted by volume, not weight.

Which leaves us room for no more than 62 whole dead hookers.  That's a little over 5 tons of prostitute.

Thank you.


Jenny said...

The average American woman weighs 164 lbs? Really? So... is this the one instance where being "below average" is in fact to my advantage?? ;) Or should I not even worry about this, considering this fact was contained within a post about dead prostitutes in a dump truck?

Adam Jones said...

Let's see, according to the Wiki page I linked to, which pulled that tidbit from this article (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/ad/ad347.pdf), which is an article from the:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Center for Health Statistics
And entitled:
Mean Body Weight, Height, and Body Mass Index,
United States 1960–2002
Yes, that is the average weight of an American woman, and yes... you might be fixating on the wrong thing. ^^

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