Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Time Lord

My phone is about to die. I have spent all day away from my computer. Believe me when I say that there has been no time.

Believe me that T is for Time Lord. I'm missing the season premiere of Doctor Who right now.

That's how important what I'm doing is.

I'll expound tomorrow.

Far away, in the constellation of Kasterborous, there is a planet called Gallifrey.  It is home to the ancient and powerful Time Lords.  In the end, their entire civilization fell to war and anger, but they produced one of the greatest beings to ever exist; The Doctor.

All right.  So I'm a fan boy.  I'm not ashamed.  This is an amazing series.

I remember being young and sneaking into my living room late at night to watch Doctor Who.  I remember hiding behind my couch from the Daleks, and peeking over the edge to see how The Doctor was going to save us all from them.

I was cautiously optimistic when I heard the show was coming back in 2005.  They had tried to reboot it back in 1996 with a made-for-TV movie, but it was dreadful.  But from the first episode, Christopher Eccleston showed us that everything was going to be okay.

There are many heroes out there, both in fiction and reality, but there aren't many quite like this one.  He's not dripping with machismo, and he's not going to shoot all the terrorists.  He's smart.  He's got some amazing toys, and he's very, very smart.  He's a pacifist, has a thing for sweets, doesn't know how to talk to ladies, and is a complete bad-ass.  He's elusive, aloof, and rarely shows up when you want him too.  However, he's always there when you need him.  And honestly, sometimes, you just can't get rid of him.

Do you have any "fictional" heroes?

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Sylvia Ney said...

Intriguing. I’m glad I found your blog. I’m stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to visiting again.

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