Monday, June 27, 2011

Adventures in Steampunk

So last week I told the story of how I got to and from the World Steam Expo.  I feel that I should also mention one or two of the things that happened while we were there... like I promised.

First of all, there were two other events happening that weekend in the hotel.  One was a family reunion, and the other was a bowling convention.  So while you imagine the events, also imagine a very large confused black family, and scores of people in bowling shirts meandering around.  In fact, someone at the hotel was very tongue in cheek about the situation, as the following sign was found:


We were exhausted when we got there, but had to soldier on.  There were panels to do.  But I was lucky enough to see Miss Kagashi, one of my favorite bloggers.  And Dear Readers, I have the best of news.  Bitch had my hat!  Remember when I won a hat because I filmed a fake Japanese game show?  Well I did.  Sadly, due to perfectly understandable, yet unfortunate circumstances, I have not been able to receive said hat.  But she had it with her!

Behold the glory!

Is it not beautiful?  It is.  It's beautiful.  I bet you wish you had won the hat.  I don't blame you.  If circumstances permit, you are more than welcome to have your picture taken in the hat.

Finally, that same night there was a masquerade ball to get ready for... but I was too tired.  I just couldn't bring myself to put on any more uncomfortable clothes and pretend to be dapper.  So I did what any sane man would under the circumstances.  I added goggles and a cravat to my pajamas, and went to the masquerade as a Steampunk Panda.  And believe you me, you've never partied until you've Panda Partied.

A most of group shot.

I cut rugs with my mad skills.

Post-dance snack in the green room.

Also, I was just informed that there's a picture of The Panda playing cards in this article.

It wasn't all about the con.  Half the reason I went on this trip was to see my sister and her family.  I managed to grab lunch with her and spent some time with my niece at the park.

Is she not crazy adorable?

Overall the experience was a lot of fun, and completely exhausting.  I'm glad I went, and I plan on going back as many times as I can.  I always meet the most interesting people there.  This year I made friends with The Clockwork Dolls.  The Asian one made me tea.  Also, their music is good.

P.S. - And Duncan found a dog.


Allison Curval said...

Look at my hat my hat is amazing! Give it a lick! MMMMM it tastes just like raisens!

Adam Jones said...


Jenny said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. The hat is fantastic! I also like the fact that the photo on the page of the link to Clockwork Dolls site has a bodhran and a piratey tambourine hanging on the mic, waiting to be played. This post = 1000 awesomeness points for Adam! :)

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