Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kagashi

I have a special relationship with Miss Kagashi.  It's one that's very much based on me getting things from her.

The number one thing is a hat.  Now, I haven't actually gotten this hat yet, but it's been confirmed from a reliable source that it not only exists, but is also bad-ass.

The number two thing is scones.  This bitch can make some scones.  She puts this kind of berry in them that I've never heard of and I think only grows in Michigan, around the lake, in July, under a full moon.  Anyway, these Mystery Berry Scones are fucking delish'.

The number three thing is a face full of awesome.  She's the kind of chick that when you meet her you're like "Oh, you're pretty, I bet you're a bitch."  Then you're like "Oh, you're nice too, I bet you're a hack."  And then you're like "Oh, and you're crazy talented... fuck you, then."

She is one of the only other people I know who is really trying to do something with her blog, and she's great at it.  Her writing is informative and entertaining.  She also, as of this writing, has exactly 30 times more likes on her Facebook page than mine.  I want to be jealous, but it's just not a fair comparison.  It's like comparing apples and dildos.

So I wish her great continued success.

What kind of blogs do you admire, and why?

P.S. - She also needs to send me her address so I can send her this haiku I wrote her.

P.P.S. - The picture above is the first result I got from doing a Google image search for Miss Kagashi.  The 23rd is posted below.
He is actually changing her diaper. Yeah, weird.


Erin said... not in a Charlie Sheen an Adam Jones way

Miss Kagashi said...

The hat's done, I'm just REALLY poor so I can't afford to ship it. :/ (Mefail)

But thanks Jones! I had no idea that that's how people perceived me!

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