Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Outdone with Owls

I believe that if a person only spends time with people who reflect their opinions, they will quickly develop a very insular and narrow world view.  For that, and many other reasons, I think it's important to forge friendships outside of your race, religion, and culture.

For instance: One of my oldest and most interesting friendships is with a woman named Jenny.  She is a Conservative Right-Wing Christian Republican Mother.  I am none of those things.  It often surprises me how much we can relate on so many things, given the considerable difference in our outlooks.  That's why I say such friendships are so important; They remind us that the really important things about people often aren't what we thought they were.

So, a long time ago Jenny found out that I like owls.  I do.  I don't like them fanatically, but they're my second favorite birds, and by far the cutest.  Well, for years after that I got nothing but owl themed gifts from her for birthdays and Christmases. She is responsible for 95% of my owl related property.  Which is awesome.

So last January I found this owl.  I loved him so much I eventually did an little photo-series based on me rebelling against his "For Decorative Purpose Only" sticker.

This morning I wake up ready to post about my love of the poem Ozymandias, when I see that my friend Jenny had found her own owl, and was intent on joining the fun.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Communication Purposes

Transportation Purposes

Medicinal Purposes

I'll warn you, her blog is very family friendly and scarcely inappropriate or offensive at all.  However, if you're still interested in seeing the rest of these pictures, you can find them at The Modest Peacock.

You want to join in the fun?  Get your own owl and show us what kind of mischief it can get itself into.  Or just submit an idea.  If I have the free time I'll take Professor Featherbottom to live out the suggestion.


Jenny said...

NICE! Thanks, love. I like your warning about the non-offensive nature of my blog. ;) You rock.

Jenny said...

P.S.- Only 95%? I'll have to up my efforts. It's got to be 98%, at least...

Melissa said...

Ok, I need an owl.

Adam Jones said...

Jenny - :)

Melissa - You *totally* need an owl! Oh, the adventures you could have!

Nate Wilson said...

It's not quite the same as you and Jenny, but some of my best friends are Yankees fans...

In a couple months, I will have an owl of my own. And when I say "my own," I mean I shall steal it from my newborn son, because what's he going to do with a cute crocheted owl? He doesn't even own a camera.

And then, I shall perform Owl-Stretching Time.

Great posts, Adam! (This one, and the previous owly ones.)

Adam Jones said...

Nate - Looking forward to the new owl. Clearly it's not being fully utilized in its current capacity.

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