Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Velociraptor

Dinosaurs are cool.  That's a fact, there's no debating it.  The coolest dinosaurs?  Velociraptors.

Once upon a time the coolest dinosaurs were T-Rexes.  They were huge, vicious killing machines.  They were like the Great White Sharks of the Cretaceous Period.  But... they had those tiny little girl arms.  It was... hard to get past those.  And everyone said they were dumb as rocks.

Then Jurassic Park came out, and it changed the dinosaur world forever.  It was the first time I, or anyone I knew, had ever heard of velociraptors.  They were like man-sized T-Rexes, but with useful arms, giant talons, and able to outwit a Kenyan big game hunter.  They were perfect.  They were like dino-ninjas.

These things gained such a reputation for their smarts, they even spawned a meme.  Well, their smarts and compatibility for a clever rhyming pun.

The Philosoraptor.

Then at some point they tried telling us that 'raptors had feathers.

I was against this.

But I'm better with this.

In short: Everyone loves a soulless killing machine.  That's why we even felt the need to upgrade:

Sweet dreams!


Jenny said...

Hooray for Dino-ninjas! The dilophosaurus in JP was my favorite. "Oh, no, I'm just a small little harmless thing... just kidding! I'm going to imitate one of those frilled lizard things and then spit poison in your eyes and eat you! Raaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!" :) But for the longest time, those velociraptors had me think twice about hiding out in a kitchen freezer.

Big Life Little Country said...

Tis true. Something undeniably sexy bout a souless killing machine. Especially with a jet pack AND scissors! LOLS

nutschell said...

love the philosoraptor!:P

Great meeting you through the A-Z!

Nate Wilson said...

All hail the dino-ninjas! If only they had jet packs and scissors when I pitted them dino a mano against a bunch of soulless bloodsuckers.

Adam Jones said...

Jenny - Somehow I'm not surprised that the small, sneaky one was your favorite deadly dino.

Anita - That is a potentially dangerous fetish. Be careful.

Nutschell - Thanks!

Nate - That was a delightful fight. Thank you for sharing!

Max said...

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