Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for Xenomorph

I can't help but notice that as this month (and thus this blogging challenge) draws to a close, I've been talking a lot about things that are terrifying.  Whether this is a manifestation of my frustrations visited upon my readers, or it just so happens that the letters fit, remains to be seen.  Either way, today is about xenomorphs, the most bad-ass monster to have ever hit the big screen.  Well, any screen really.

They're fast, stealthy, vicious, and need you to be dead.  They're kind of like space-velociraptors that way.  Except that these things have armored skin, acid blood, and a life cycle based entirely on sexual assault.  But honestly, what do you expect when you're designed be a Swiss surrealist who looks like this. (do not click if you ever want to sleep again)

Man, I really wish I could write more about this, but I am exhausted.  Writing a blog post nearly every day takes a lot more out of you than I originally anticipated.  I have no less desire or intention of maintaining this blog regularly than I did at the start, but now I have a much better understanding of what that is going to take.  You know what?  I'll cover all of this in a wrap-up post next Monday.  For now, please accept my apologies for this very brief snippet on my favorite creature who's tongue also has a mouth.

My second favorite was this guy.

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Budd said...

excellent choice for X. I picked the same thing. It was an obvious choice for me.

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