Monday, March 28, 2011

Inappropriate Haiku #5 [Updated]

Okay.  We're back to our regularly scheduled posts.

You guys are lucky.  I very nearly finished out last week with a treatise on Rebecca Black.  But I didn't.  Because I love you.

You're welcome.

It was going to be good, though.

Oh!  A couple of pieces of Amazing News!

Remember how pissed I was that no one in Africa had read my blog?  Well last week some brave soul in Ghana fixed all that.  Finally, Africa seems to be taking a step in the right direction.  Now they just have to deal with all the war, starvation, cannibalism, aids, and tigers*.  But you know, one step at a time.  For the time being I can rest easily knowing that someone on every continent has seen my face and read my words.  Awesome.


Last week we hit 4,000 page views!  You know what that means.  For every milestone you get an inappropriate haiku.  This is the last of the ones that I wrote seven years ago, so after this, brand spanking new feelings of awkwardness... seventeen syllables at a time.

Inappropriate Haiku #5

The look of surprise
The instant satisfaction
Love to donkey punch

*I'm not saying that their problem is that they have too many tigers.  They have none.  That's a problem.  There should be herds of wild tigers running through Africa.

Holy crap!  Don't worry about how or why I came across this, but I just found out that the average penis length in Ghana is 6.6in.  Dude.  Rock on.  Here in The States we've only got a 5.1.

Melissa - It looks like you've got around 5.5in in your neck of the world... or 14cm.  I don't know what you people use.


Melissa said...

Really? That is interesting ..and a little baffling. Who does this research Adam? Who? and more to the point, How? Actually, don't worry. My Daughter told me tonight she would like to see a tiger in Africa.. but not a real one. So I think Africa are ok without the wild herds maybe. Congratulations also, Glad to be part of the 4000.

Melissa said...

My comment says I did so at 3.11 am. I did not. It is 8.13 PM. Im not posting comments at stupid o'clock in the morning. Well im not tonight anyway.

Adam Jones said...

It's okay. Don't worry. The clock goes by my time. It turns out there's a 17hr time difference between Atlanta and Christchurch.

Damn. I would have to wish you a happy new year at 7:00am.

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